In order to help your business on track quickly and stay healthily,

we will provide you with the following supports:


Will give you discount based on order quantity, and the price sure be better than wholesale price

2.Free Samples&Gifts

Will provide you free samples of our new and popular designs for quality confirmation and market verification,

as well as free gifts for your promotion during the Festival

3.Build Own Website(Online)

Will provide detailed description of the product, such as features or selling points, all pictures and samples are available anytime 

4.Personal Custom R&D

Will develop new designs based on local market demands, or create four-season extension designs based on current hot selling

  1. Will feedback and deal with the items within 48 hours if any quality problems
  2. Will ship the replacement if the parcels lost or damaged due to human causes on shipping.
  3. Will collect feedback from end customers and make adjustments in time

6.Catalogs Update

Will share the latest catalogs in time every quarter/month/week

Will introduce more than 20-50 new arrivals per week

7.Storefront Renovation (Offline)

Will assist in decorating the shop if there is necessary, such as the style, color, product decoration, posters, billboards,etc

10.Market Research

Will provide the end customer groups positioning analysis based on the target market, such as potential demands, advantages, market condition, distribution channel, price, packing, etc.)

11.One-Stop Custom Service

Will provide one-stop service according to the customization requirements of the product. In addition to the product itself, can also provide a series of services from Ideas-Design-Production-Packing-Shipping

12.Celebrity Effect

Will cooperate with local Internet Celebrities all over the world, good for brand and sales development

13.Dual Branding

Will put Logo of both companies on the products, even packaging to achieve Win-Win for double brand exposure

14.Marketing Support

Will introduce weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales promotion plan or sales strategies through big data analysis by our professional teams,according to local consumption habits, and timely adjust products and sales direction.


Will have a large advertising budget every year, through advertising on Google and other popular shopping websites, to ensure that the brand spread globally.

 More supports details please contact us.